Granny’s Wild Quilt Pattern

I’ve been focusing on quilting for about the last month and now I’m starting to see quilts in everything (is this normal? haha). I just love all the design possibilities and this medium is definitely so new and exciting for me.

I think it would be so awesome to make something I designed (and maybe even out of fabric I’ve designed??? wild dreams here). I’ve started sketching a few ideas out, but haven’t seriously tried creating anything. I thought it might be fun to try out the quilt designer on threadbias, so I entered their latest contest with this design.


I was inspired by a tile shape I saw and then played around with it a little and decided the little bows brought it to a new level of adorable. I called it Granny’s wild because I thought it looked a little like a granny square, but a little crazier :) It’s probably not the most original and innovative design ever, but I think it’s really cute.