It’s a Wrap! Baby D Chevron Quilt Finish

I wasn’t kidding on Wednesday when I said this quilt was going to have glamour shots taken. I almost wish I could have staged an amazing 80s glamour set, but this quilt is a bit too modern for that kind of foolishness. There is something about quilts outdoors that gets me everytime… throw in an old building and a field of long grass and I’m basically never leaving.

chevron quilt 1

chevron quilt 2

chevron quilt 3

chevron quilt 4

chevron quilt 5

chevron quilt 6

chevron quilt 7

chevron quilt 8

And what fun is a quilt photoshoot without a dog photo-bomb?!
chevron quilt and dog


Cousin Baby Quilt Finished!

This happy little blanket is done!

finished baby quilt

Yesterday was a crazy quilting day. It was my first time machine quilting and on my second row, my machine started doing weird unbalanced stitches. I would test it a few times on a practice quilt and it would be fine, but the second I started with this quilt it would be weird again.

So, I decided to try using my mother in law’s sewing machine (all the while getting a ton of practice on removing and adding a walking foot!). The stitches on her machine were nice and even and I was really excited and then I started to smell something weird… something like smoke… yep, the machine started smoking. So I put that machine outside (for some reason I convinced myself it might burst into flames), and put the walking foot back on my machine. I tightened the tension a bit and everything magically worked. It was a miracle.

I have to say it was a little bit different experience quilting something in a day, when my last project took a year to (hand) quilt. I loved the speed, but I do miss that handmade quality. I decided to stitch a little heart into the corner so at least something was not machine done.

baby quilt

baby quilt on barn

baby quilt side view

I love the back! It’s hard to see from the picture, but the fabric is grey with white polka dots. It looks so cute with the yellow and white striped binding.
baby quilt back

My mom will be delivering the quilt to my cousin next week. I’m so excited and I hope the baby (due in September!) will have some good tummy time on it.

My First Quilt!

I am so excited (and a bit overwhelmed) to be writing about the first quilt I’ve made. It is for my best friend who was married last year. I started working on it over a year ago. Since my machine is a little antiquated, I was nervous to machine quilt with it, so I decided hand stitching was the way to go. I was probably six months into hand stitching when I thought it might not have been the best choice. But the feeling I had when I finished made it worth it. I love that it is truly handmade.

While I was quilting, all of these similarities between quilting and marriage kept popping into my head. So I jotted down notes along the way and used them for a letter to accompany the quilt. I’ll put the letter at the end of this post. I think it sums up nicely my experience.

Now, on to pictures! I couldn’t find anyone to hold it up for me, so I tacked it to an old chicken coup. :) As you can see, it is a simple design (I didn’t follow a pattern or anything), but I really like how it turned out.

I tried to get a close up of the stitching (but not too close…. way too many mistakes, haha). The lines are 1 inch apart.

I also embroidered a little tag on the back with their initials and the year of their wedding.

Here is the letter I included with the quilt:

When I started this journey to make you a wedding quilt, I had so many grand plans. Perhaps it was a little like having grand plans for a perfect marriage. I spent months and months hunting for the perfect colors, perfect ideas, perfect patterns. But in reality, all of my plans turned out completely different than I thought. Not worse necessarily, but just a shift in expectation. And although it wasn’t exactly what I envisioned, at the end of the day, it’s an experience I wouldn’t trade.

What you see here is a year’s worth of stitches: good days – small and straight; days of frustration and impatience – long stitches with many gaps. Weird stitches – perhaps too much wine (is there such a thing?). However crooked the stitches, taken as a whole, it is a beautiful and unique story, much like your marriage. Every stitch makes the bond stronger. It’s not perfect, but it is made with love.

Every time I sat down to stitch, I said a little prayer for your marriage. And I hope in some way, it can contribute to keeping you two close. Perhaps encouraging cuddle time on the couch, picnic lunches in the park, or other impromptu adventures that enrich your relationship.

It is also my hope that it falls apart due to all the use, with it’s dangling threads whispering about all they’ve seen. And when it does, I will make you a new one to celebrate the beautiful life you are living.

All my love and wishes for the best life together imaginable,

House Pillow

This is the first pillow I’ve sewn since I made a giant frog HST pillow in 7th grade home ec. All I remember is being tired of ironing, so maybe that’s why it’s taken me so long to make another one :)

I really wanted to make a replica of my house in pillow form so I sketched out this design:


It was the first time I had ever tried anything like this, and now that it is done, I would have pieced it differently. But I like how it ended up (pretty much). Here are a few images of when I was piecing and laying things out.

house process

See? It looks just like it! :)

Here’s the finished pillow on our bench seat