September Photography – Subject and Composition

For this month’s quilter’s photo challenge, the focus was on subject and composition. We were given a list of words and had to use our photos to create the story without any other explanation. To see everyone’s photos, go to Plum and June! Here are mine:

A Typical Day 2
A Typical Day

Peaceful and Relaxing
Peaceful and Relaxing

My Sewing Process
My Sewing Process


My Style
My Style


Color Palette Inspiration-palette (1)
Color Palette Inspiration


15 thoughts on “September Photography – Subject and Composition

  1. These are fantastic Michelle! Your photos say so much! I really like the style and sewing process pics. And that is a great palette – do you think you will make something with it?

    • Thanks for checking out my photos! I’m already excited for next month’s challenge (whatever it my be). :) I’m not sure about the color palette… I really like it, but I’ve never done anything in those colors. However, I’ve been thinking about a quilt for my brother-in-law and this palette seems very masculine so maybe it’s a good starting point.

    • I agree. There is something about photographing outside that just adds something special. Maybe it’s just how I’m feeling when I’m out there taking pictures?

    • Thanks snips! I love that one too… You should see the outtakes of me
      trying to wedge myself under my tripod for the photo… probably a
      more honest “a typical day” haha.

  2. These photos are knock-outs. I love the first one! It’s so colorful, and from such an interesting perspective. I’m jealous of the view from your windowseat, too. :)

    • Thanks Laura! I had that first one in mind for a while and I’m so glad I was able to get it. We built our tiny house with the view from the window seat in mind. Love it there.

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