WIP Wednesday: Getting There

Ever have a week where nothing is going quite right and all you want to do is complain and sit on the couch and watch netflix all day? Yah, me neither ;) Despite the rough week, I have a few fun things to share!

First of all, I finished the quilting on the Baby D Chevron quilt. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on it last week. I really like the white stitching on white fabric. Nice and simple, just the way I like it! Right now it’s just chillin’ on one of the beds in the cabin until I have time to finish it.

all quilted

Here it is right before quilting with an illusive appearance by my sewing machine.

ready to quilt

Now all that’s left to do is figure out the binding. I’m thinking about some kind of blue, but I’m not sure what I have in my stash. The green that is on the back could also be fun. I like choices like this!

front and back

Baby D’s mama isn’t due for 2 weeks, but I just heard she’s starting to have contractions. Might have to really hurry this one along!

I’ve spent most of this week prepping things for my little sister’s bridal shower this weekend. I’m hosting it and it is a vintage tea party theme! I made a few pouches to give away as prizes that I’ll be filling with french soap and cute nail polish.

mals shower gifts

The colors for her shower are suspiciously the same as my picnic quilt (which I haven’t worked on since I cut out the scrabble board pieces…grr). I am in a total rut/totally obsessed with the mint/coral color palette.

Just like last week, apologizes for all iphone photos. After I get past editing all my weddings for the summer, I think I’ll be more eager to take out my equipment. :)

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12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Getting There

  1. The quilting turned out well and I love your choice of backing. No doubt you’ll find something which works well for binding, maybe a colour picked from the backing fabric. My only suggestion is to choose it by daylight which shows colure at their truest – although I’m sure you know that already.

    Exciting to have a friend’s baby imminent and a bridal shower to contemplate.

    • Thanks for the daylight reminder! Sometimes when I just am pushing to finish something it is easy to forget the little things. Yes! So many new and exciting things happening for my friends and family. It is so wonderful to play a small part.

    • I thought about that too. I don’t think it’s boring at all! I’m out of red fabric though and I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more until I used up some of my stash :)

    • That’s so funny, I was thinking the same thing about yours! They look perfect! :) I felt like I was struggling the whole time with the points to even get close… I probably ended up ripping out every other thing because it wasn’t working. :) I’m excited to see the completed version of yours.

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