Q2 Finish-A-Long

I’m excited to link up my Q2 finish for the 2013 Finish-A-Long over at She Can Quilt.

I only had one project I was working on at the start of Q2, my hand quilted wedding present for my best friend. The Finish-A-Long inspired me to start this blog to keep track of my progress and I have really enjoyed chronicling making my first ever quilt.

Q2 Finished Quilt

You can read all about this quilt and it’s meaning here

I also went back into the archives and found a few photos of when I was working on the quilt. Really fun memories.

piecing AE quilt

hand quilting

AE quilt up close

hand binding AE quilt

My original link up for the start of Q2 was over at my flickr page.

Thanks for following along, I’m very excited for Q3!


4 thoughts on “Q2 Finish-A-Long

    • I chose the best section to show :) Some of it was pretty awful, haha. I would totally recommend tackling a hand quilted project at some point, I know you would make something fab!

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