WIP Wednesday: Confessions

I’m not linking up to the WIP on Freshly Pieced today :( Sadly, I had no project time since last week. I’m hoping that means I’ll have a ton to share next week!

I did want to take a quick moment to say a big thanks to everyone who commented on my WIP last week. I’ve been writing and posting WIP Wednesdays each week for over a month. And each week, I would chicken out from linking up. I kept thinking I wasn’t good enough yet, or didn’t have anything interesting to share, or didn’t know what the heck I was doing — how dare I be writing about it.

Anyway, last week, I put on my brave pants and linked up… and I had been SO wrong. I was greeted with the most welcoming and sweet comments ever. I was totally blown away. I just wanted to say how incredibly refreshing it was after coming from another artistic realm that was much more negative.

I am having a blast and am so glad to be a part of such a warm community.


Oh and because posts are boring without pictures, here’s a picture of our team after Bavarian Battle race last weekend. We had the best time :)

bavarian battle team


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Confessions

  1. So that explains why I found WIP badges through some older posts but had never noticed your work in the linky……
    Not only do I love your quilts but your photography of them which is always a bonus. Looking forward to seeing what you have to post next WIP or whenever you have time share. WIP is also a good way to keep a record of your progress and ideas just for yourself too.

    • Haha, good eye. I was afraid of the linky :) I really like the idea of using the WIP to keep track of ideas as well as progress. I’ve been enjoying following your progress on your blog!

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