Vintage Fabric Roundup 2

I had another successful vintage fabric shopping session at my local thrift store! I think I am getting addicted to finding fun older prints. I don’t think all of these fabrics I found are vintage (it’s especially hard to tell with solids), but I really like the fabric I found. The problem is I am starting to get attached and don’t want to use them :)

I didn’t plan it, but the fabric I found actually coordinates pretty well together. Maybe a future quilt in the works?! Ok, probably not in reality. My favorite is probably the navy with the little red strawberries. Totally adorable.

This print didn’t really fit in with the rest of my stack so I decided it was charming enough for it’s own photo. I just have a very small amount of it, but I really like it. I have a few other red & navy fabrics I found at the thrift store that I’d like to combine with this for something patriotic. Not sure exactly what to do though… perhaps a 4th of July pillow? An apron?
patriotic fabric


2 thoughts on “Vintage Fabric Roundup 2

  1. I got a huge bag of scraps at my local thrift store a few months back… I got some of the same prints as you! The strawberries and the yellow hearts.

    • Don’t you just love finding fun scraps at the thrift store?! I love both of those prints so I’m excited to hear there is more of that out there in the world!

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