WIP Wednesday: More practice needed

This week I had a rare full day to work on the baby quilt for my cousin. The pattern I’m working on didn’t seem that difficult in concept, however, I am definitely having some struggles with getting things to line up. In hindsight, I probably should have been more diligent in trimming things. But hey, it’s only my 2nd quilt and I’m having so much fun. And I’m guessing the baby isn’t going to care if some things aren’t lining up perfectly. :)

Probably the best part of the day was laying out all my squares and deciding on a final layout. I made a few adjustments after I took this picture, but this is pretty close to how it will look.
baby quilt layout

This top block is the first I sewed. I promise they got better as I went along :) It was quite the push to get all 20 blocks completed in an afternoon, but now I’m extra excited to sew them all together.
blocks pieced

The instructions have a white border going around the quilt but I’m thinking I might leave it as is. Thoughts?!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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