Giveaway at my new blog!!! And other exciting news.

When I first started this blog, I just wanted to document my projects in one place. I didn’t put a ton of thought into how it looked or what I was posting because it was just for me. Once I starting meeting and interacting with a bunch of rad bloggers who had their stuff a little more together, I started thinking more about my blog. I really want it to be a place I’m proud to write at and where I can really start to develop my style. I decided that the best way to continue my journey was to design a new blog.

So let me introduce to you my new little quilty space on the internet, !!!

Going forward, all of my new posts will be from my new site! And I loaded all my old stuff on there too, so everything’s in one place. I’d be thrilled if you’d go have a look (and perhaps even follow me there?!). And as a thank you, I’m hosting a giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Etsy gift card over at my new site!!!!

Head on over to the new site for all the giveaway details.

I almost forgot the other exciting news… It’s my birthday today!!! I love my birthday so I’m SO excited to share this exciting news with you on my favorite day :)


ps. I closed the comments over here. I’d love to hear from you at my new site :)


September Photography – Subject and Composition

For this month’s quilter’s photo challenge, the focus was on subject and composition. We were given a list of words and had to use our photos to create the story without any other explanation. To see everyone’s photos, go to Plum and June! Here are mine:

A Typical Day 2
A Typical Day

Peaceful and Relaxing
Peaceful and Relaxing

My Sewing Process
My Sewing Process


My Style
My Style


Color Palette Inspiration-palette (1)
Color Palette Inspiration

Q3 Finish-A-Long Update

If you can remember way back in July I had 2 projects I was hoping to finish this quarter. I got a little sidetracked and finished quite a few projects this quarter, but only one from my list, the Baby D quilt:

chevron quilt 1
Original post about finish

When I finished this, I didn’t know the baby’s gender, but I had a feeling it was a boy and it was! I just delivered it to the proud parents over the weekend. He’s going to be one stylish little guy.

My picnic quilt is going to get move to the Q4 list. I made a little progress on the scrabble board, but am still missing all 4 swoon blocks and the 3rd game (still tbd). I’ll post some pics of where I’m at with my Q4 goals list… coming soon! :)

I’m super excited to check out everyone else’s finishes over at She Can Quilt

Baby Quilt Design Contest

I love contests and I love designing quilts, so when I saw that Threadbias was having another quilt design contest, I jumped right in. I normally design my projects on paper or take my ideas into photoshop, so it was a fun change of pace to try out their tool.


Here’s my baby quilt design, I call it Pathways. I think it would look super cute with this fabric line and would also be striking in bold, saturated solids. I’ve never made a quilt based completely on my own design before. It’s basically strips and half-square triangles, but I’m still not sure if I can pull it off. I think I’m going to give it a shot though. At the rate my friends are having babies, there is always a need for a good baby quilt.

There’s still some time left in the contest if you are interested in entering.

ps. It is snowing here. Goodbye summer… and fall?

Life Assorted

Hola friendos! The last two weeks have been a complete blur and I’ve totally missed reading about everyone’s projects. But I’ll catch up, promise! While I catch up on my blog reads, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to…

We recently returned from a trip to Glacier National Park. Holy smokes, this place is gorgeous. We hiked 24 miles in two days and my feet are still angry. More excuse to sit down and sew :)
grinell glacier

What could be better than working on my EPP project at a campground in the park? I love that I can say that part of this quilt was made in Glacier NP. This is where I’m currently at on this project. I absolutely love how slow it is going. Weird huh?!

When we returned home, I had 4 days to get my sister’s bridal shower quilt done before her wedding. I had the top pretty much done, but that was it.
quilt front

I decided to use all the extra scraps (especially the yellows and purples!) for a pieced back. I’ve never really pieced a back before, so that was a new challenge. Not exactly one I wanted on such a time crunch.
quilt back

I seriously was still binding this as we entered the town where my sister lives. I finished the last few stitches and then we went inside and I gave it to her! Unfortunately that means I don’t have any finished pictures of this. Perhaps another trip down to see her is in order.

And in other exciting news, my sister is married! This is us right beforehand. Happy times!

For being an amazing matron of honor (I totally was), my sis gave me an etsy gift card. Best sister ever! Part of my gift card was used on this:

Kona Color Card!!!! I live sooo far from any solid fabrics and I kept ordering weird colors online. This is going to be a life saver.

And here’s my latest fabric purchases. I didn’t buy them to use together, but they look pretty great, so I might have to change my mind.

Last but not least, I found the cutest iphone wallpaper the other day that totally makes me think of quilts & happiness…
You should totally get it too and we can be pwbffs! (phone wallpaper best friends forever!)
Tinybop Hexagons by Tuesday Bassen on Poolga

Leavenworth Quilt Show

Despite the threat of flash floods and mudslides, my best friend and I made it safely to the Leavenworth Quilt Show. It is the first quilt show I’d ever been to and although we were much younger than anyone else there, it was really fun.

This was the view as we walked in. I would say there were around 150 quilts displayed.

Although many of the quilts there were not my personal taste, they were all beautifully made and easy to appreciate. The majority of the quilts were art quilts or nature-themed quilts, but there were also some vintage pieces and many sources of inspiration. I was a little too excited and didn’t get the names of the quilters, but I would still like to share a few of my favorites from the show.

This was a vintage quilt and I loved the curves and the use of solids.

Be still my heart… vintage hexies. This caught my eye right away, it was massive.

Up close view of those hexies. You can see some of the hand stitching on here.

I was inspired by the simplicity of this design. I love it when simple blocks combine to make an eye-catching design.

I’m always drawn to this shape. When I get brave enough, I’d love to try something like this with solids.

The American Quilts section was probably my overall favorite. There’s something about red, white, and blue quilts that makes me happy.

My favorite quilt from this section. The stars really popped with the dense quilting around them.

I was really inspired by this color palette.

We lingered at this little quilt for a while. The ombre effect along with the scrappy chevrons made it stand out.

This denim piece was a good bit of inspiration for the back of my picnic quilt.

I was really glad to see such a lovely show in our community. And it renewed my excitement to start to connect with other local quilters in the area! I’m already excited for next year’s show; I think I will enter something ultra modern and mix things up a bit :)

WIP Wednesday: Summer Sickness

Hey buddies. So I skipped last Wednesday’s post because I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to follow up my photography post with a bunch of questionable-at-best iphone progress pics. But I’m still feeling bleh, so I’m going to put my pride aside for the sake of documentation :)

First up is my EPP project. I actually have one block completed now, but I took this pic last week when I was deciding on color combos. I’m trying to use a bunch of my vintage & 2nd hand fabrics in this so the colors are… interesting. I’m not usually a scrappy fan, but so far I’m liking the direction this is taking.

My picnic quilt has been officially renamed to picnic quilt 2014. But I will not let it become picnic quilt 2015, promise. I did have a mini breakthrough with it and finally tackled more of the scrabble block.
My mother-in-law looked at it and shook her head and said “you know we have a scrabble board you can borrow.” So I definitely have support on this going forward, hahaha.

I also finalized my fabrics for my swoon blocks.
swoon colors
For the background of the block, I’m using some dark chambray I splurged on. I’m in serious love.

Last but not least, I made some progress on my sister’s bridal shower quilt! I cut a bunch of 5in squares and laid them all out. I am actually pleasantly surprised with how this is looking.
bridal shower quilt
The fox square was a placeholder because I’m apparently not great at counting and forgot a grey square. This has been remedied.

This picture gives you a little bit better idea of the colors. I went with a super muted purple and yellow to make it work for my taste. I’m hoping it’s not too subtle for my sister.
bridal shower quilt rows
Sewing them into rows went fairly quickly and this morning I woke up early and made an attempt to get some rows put together before work.

But didn’t get far before the seam ripper had to come out.
seam ripper
I usually don’t sew long rows together and I don’t know if I will again. Boo.

In other news, this weekend, the nearest “big” town is having a quilt show! I’m hoping to hit it up on Friday so I’ll be sure to take plenty of pics of what I find there. :)